What to expect

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a series of constructive and solution focussed conversation/s between two individuals who have agreed to work together.  I as the coach, via listening, non-directive questioning, feedback and reflection provide space for my coachee to discover and explore multiple ways to progress from their current position and mindset to a different, preferable one.

What’s the process?

Firstly we have a conversation via phone, Skype or Zoom, it’s often referred to in the coaching world as a ‘chemistry meeting’ and lasts around 15-20 minutes.  I offer these sessions free of charge and they are completely obligation free.  This provides both of us with a chance to meet and talk about what you are wanting to work on and see how we feel about working together.

If we decide to work together

If we decide to move forward we would agree a schedule and book time in our diaries.  I will also provide you with my Coaching Agreement.  It might sound a little formal but this document simply sets out how we will both enter into the coaching relationship, ensuring we have the same expectations and share the same understanding of what coaching involves.  If you would like view a copy of the agreement you can download it here.


If for any reason we need to change our agreed appointment we can re-arrange; unless it’s an unforeseen situation I ask for at least 48 hours notice for changing or cancellation, so I have some opportunity to refill the space in my diary.

Payment is due on the day of your coaching session.  Packages would normally be paid 50% in advance and 50% on the date of your final session. If this causes financial difficultly then we can agree an alternative schedule.  If you are on a low income and are unable to afford my standard rates please let me know and we can discuss a way forward.

I donate 5% of my earnings to the World Land Trust via an annual donation.