How Well Do You Sleep?

So we are embarking on a new year and I wonder what goals or promises you have made to yourself for 2019?  I wanted you to consider how Reflexology might help you work on your health and wellbeing goals. It’s hard to choose from the myriad of things that Reflexology can help with; I decided that getting a good nights sleep might be one that many of you might find interesting.

A few facts:

We sleep an average of 2 hours less than we did 60 years ago
Only 22% of Women say they sleep well
1 in 10 of us take medication to aid sleep
If you sleep less than 6 hours a night you are more likely to be overweight and have high blood pressure.
Lack of sleep increases stress hormones and increases insulin resistance

So what are some of the benefits of good sleep?

Improved memory
Better Concentration
Increased Energy levels
Cope better with Stress
Mood Stability
Increased Sex Drive
Stronger immune system
Looking more attractive!

How much is enough sleep?

The average person needs between 6-7 hours so if you are getting less than this perhaps you can start utilising the following tips and tricks to improve things.  The same principles will apply for children although they will need more sleep than an adult.

The Tips and Tricks

  • Stop all Phone, Computer or Tablet use at least 1 hour before bed
  • Get chores and prep for the morning done earlier so that you can wind down as bed time approaches
  • Avoid bright lighting close to bedtime
  • Keep the bedroom cooler, around 18 degrees centigrade is ideal
  • Keep the bedroom for sleep, make it a calm, clean, clear space and don’t use a TV or gadgetry in the bedroom
  • Try to make your last thoughts before sleep positive and if you suffer from an over active mind have a pen and pad by the bed so you can write down things that come into you head so your brain can let go.
  • If you wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep try a breathing meditation, count each breath up to 10 and repeating the process, your mind WILL wander, when you notice, go back to counting your breath and just observe what happens to your body. Getting out of thought mode and into physicality is amazing effective.

Poor sleep can be related to high stress levels or other health issues so I would really recommend considering trying reflexology.  So many clients tell me how well they sleep after a session, it’s a safe, non invasive treatment that works to help re-balance all the body systems and helps to improve physical and mental wellbeing. Feel free to contact me for more information or arrange a treatment.