Goal Mapping Workshops

Goal Mapping Workshops

Goalmapping™ teaches and encourages a growth mind set.  It demonstrates how to everyone can take personal responsibility for ones thinking and life.  The workshop I deliver takes approximately 3.5 hours and includes a presentation which explains, in an easy to understand way, how the brain responds to both negative and positive thoughts with either the release of serotonin or cortisol.

The technique works with both the conscious, cognitive and sub-conscious parts of the brain.  I teach individuals the power of a positive mind set using both words and pictures, this encourages connections with both the logical and the creative (sub conscious) mind. The process itself encourages coachees to visualise attainment of their goal and identify the benefits of achieving it.

They then stipulate the resources they will draw upon and the steps they need to take to achieve it. I then teach how continual daily reinforcement of their goals nurtures and strengthens new neural pathways helping to build self-belief and maintain focus. They will leave a Goal Mapping™ Coaching session with a personal goal map and detailed plan on how to work with it to remain focussed on the goals they have set.

I also introduce the DAC Factor, which is how Drive, Attitude and Confidence make the difference between success and failure.  The emphasis of the workshop can vary according to the needs of the organisation or business but the fundamental points are the same and can serve everyone. From school children to CEO's this tool makes the complicated simple and the helps us connect to our positivity and the power it holds.

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