Whilst we want to make a difference for our planet we also need to tend to our roots and ensure resilience and balance are built into our lives. Coaching can help you to find new, kinder and more realistic ways of being, we often feel stuck, or in a circular pattern that can be hard to break out of.  I know as I have been there myself.

Modern life has a tendency to push us to constantly be in 'doing' mode. I use 'Relational Mindfulness' to provide space to 'be' and allow our inner voice to emerge.  Constant business acts as a distraction allowing us to avoid the things that we need to pay attention to.

Coaching is a dialogue, reliant on both coach and coachee being engaged and fully committed to working together. Whilst I facilitate, the changes will need to come from you.  If you have never tried coaching before it's worth reading my 'What to Expect' page. I always have an obligation free chat before moving forward with a coaching partnership.  This allows us to both get a feel for what it would be like to work with each other, it's obligation free, there is no expectation that this will lead to coaching.  We just see what happens.


Often a few sessions will be sufficient to find your path forward.  If you are feel like a 360 degree 'life review' is what's needed I can recommend my Coaching Package 'Evolve' where we work on each area of life (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Relationships, Spiritual/Purpose) and we will use tools that will provide clarity and help you maintain focus and consistency as you move forward on each life aspect.