Coaching can help you to find a new path in life, we often feel stuck, or in a cicular habit pattern that can be hard to break out of.  I know as I have been there myself.

As well as my formal coach training I have also studied Relational Mindfulness, simply put, this technique has improved my listening skills and brings some mediative practices to the coaching space.  For example, pausing, allowing things to be just as they are.  Modern life has a tendency to push us to 'do' rather than be.  We can use our busyness to avoid things or just not pay attention to our emotions and thoughts.

Coaching is a dialogue, reliant on both coach and coachee being engaged and fully committed to working together. I facilitate, the changes will need to come from you.  If you have never tried coaching before it's worth reading my 'What to Expect' page. I always have an obligation free chat before agreeing to any coaching takes place so we can both get a feel for what it would be like to work with each other, it's obligation free, there is no expectation that this will lead to coaching.  We just see what happens.


Often a few sessions will be sufficient to move you forward.  If you are feeling like a 360 degree life review is what's needed I can recommend my Coaching Package 'Evolution' where we work on each area of life (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial, Relationships, Spiritual/Purpose) and use Goal and Life Mapping to develop tools that will provide clarity and help you maintain focus and consistency as you move forward on each life aspect.