Heading up Sustainability but not sure where to start? Feeling alone & unsupported? Let's tackle this together!

Do You Want To Feel Positive & Empowered To Tackle Your Sustainability Challenges?


I help Sustainability professionals to get clear on not only what they need to achieve but how, underpinned by tools and techniques to build resilience & enable feelings of hope, energy and empowerment, so you can succeed and make the difference you care so passionately about.


'Route to Resilience' 90 min Workshop - new dates announced soon


* 3 techniques to help you feel more resilient & empowered *

* Create your personal 'Route to Resilience' Goal Map *

* Free access to Route to Resilience collaboration Space *

* Free access to the Bronze Goal Mapping membership *

Coaching Sessions

Just a few coaching sessions can often help you shift your perspective and help you get clarity on what's needed to move you forward.  We will figure out what's holding you back and find ways to overcome the barriers. A few targeted sessions is often enough to get you on track.

Coaching Packages

My Impact & Evolve Coaching Packages offer a defined series of sessions for either a short term intensive solution or a longer term programme.  It's important that we take a balanced approach to life, if we just focus on our purpose. and neglect our wellbeing or relationships, things deteriorate in these parts of our life.

I support you in getting clear on what's needed in a holistic way.  Making sure that turning your dreams into a reality feels exciting and joyful but also tangible, achievable and realistic.

Route to Sustainability Workshops

Do you want your business or organisation to have a clear Sustainability & Environmental Strategy? 

I will help you and your teams to develop clarity on your sustainability goals and the route map to get there.   Each workshop will be adapted to suit your business or group.  

I also offer a collaborative online space for your teams to connect and keep focussed on your goals and targets.


"We had gone through all the ‘family chats’ but we weren’t getting anywhere and the atmosphere at home was tense. We needed to try something different and so I asked Julie to run a Family Goal Mapping session. We all found it a positive experience and created our family goal map which everyone had a part in developing, it helped us to find agreement and positive, agreed way forward."

Tina Q

"Thank you for the Goal Mapping exercise. I am well on my way with my life long goal to speak French fluently! I have two copies of the visual plan which I move around to different places to remind me of my goal and timescale which helps me keep on track. I am really enjoying the whole experience and planning a trip to a French speaking country, COVID permitted! I am still as motivated now as when I started the exercise."


"Without these sessions with Julie, I would have struggled the last few months, but I truly do feel I am better equipped, and more composed to deal with work related situations. Not only did you provide tools, but you worked with me to get to the root of a few reasons why I may struggle in certain situations. I would definitely recommend others to Julie"

G Singh

"When I had my first coaching session with Julie I was at a crossroads in terms of my career direction. Through the use of thought provoking questions and a safe space within which to explore them, Julie provided me with the time and space to make informed decisions. Julie is an insightful coach and a skilled well-being practitioner"

Jane Scott


My Story

The small plane touches down with a bump on the runway and I along with a handful of other passengers’ clamber down the small set of steps that fold down from the fuselage onto the runway.

The heat of the African sun enfolds us like a heavy blanket. I have made it! I am about to begin my new life in Africa. It feels like the biggest gamble of my life.